2017 Artists

Artners Collaborative

Sacramento, USA

The Artners Collaborative is a Sacramento based yoga, art gallery and artist's studio which hosts a growing collective of artists. Located just a block from the Golden One Arena, it is fast becoming a local hub for creativity. Representing ARTners at Wide Open Walls will be Markos Egure of Wes Kos Images, Norm Ayles from Normaste Art, and Theresa Gutierrez from Pink Street Art.

Markos Egure established his professional mural and graphic design business in 1997, and today Wes Kos Images has earned an extensive list of clients. Wes Kos Images has produced numerous murals and creative paintings throughout the Sacramento region, as well as statewide throughout California, with nearly 200 individual pieces of Work currently completed.

Norm Ayles is a tattoo artist who started doing murals when the owner of a local yoga studio came into his shop and they started talking about Ayles' art. That eventually led to Ayles, along with Theresa and Markos, working on a 125' x 15' mural for the studio in 2015 and he has been painting murals ever since.

Theresa Gutierrez, aka Lady Tee, recently retired from the California Department of Public Health. She has become a fixture in the local arts scene with her mural work. Theresa believes that art attracts people, and is one of the reasons why art is increasingly being sought after by businesses. "People don't have to just go to an art gallery to see art," she says. "They can admire it while they eat or work out. Art is also being used more now as a holistic and therapeutic way of healing. It is taught to all ages as a way of expression and calming."