2017 Artists



For over forty years Roy Gonzalez has been an icon in the Extreme Sports Industries art and design circles. He is a self proclaimed "Rebel with a Pen" and has never been afraid to point out the absurdities in life. He has created some of the most definitive and well-known images of the surf, skate and music industries. Vivid and humorous, Roy represents the best of the underground art world that inspired him as a kid growing up in Southern California. Personally educated and influenced by the art legends of the 70's such as Rick Griffin and Robert Williams, Roy has been called the "Last of the Mahicans" carrying their torch for a new generation of surf artists and the popular "lowbrow" art movement. Roy creates brilliant, mind blowing work that's on the cutting edge of extreme and humorous art. A champion surfer, freethinker and fashionista, Roy, has fused satirical commentary into a world where music, waves and politics collide. Pop culture or subculture makes no difference to Roy, it just leads him to create art with an edge.

Appreciated for his detailed artistic styling as well as his creative storytelling, the unique combination of art and entertainment in Roy's work has led to award winning campaigns. His FUEL TV Signature Series, Attack of the Killer Wave won the prestigious Promax/DBA Gold Award in 2008 for their Consumer Image Publication Advertising category. His Roy's Monster Island comic series has a global following. His Monster parties led to the creation of the popular Southern California 80's band, Johnny Monster and the Nightmares. The Monsters remain among Roy's most popular works and has a major motion picture in development. Roy has been responsible for major surfing and rock & roll event marketing including marketing for OP Pro, Boost Mobile Pro and Nike. His unique character interpretation is the basis for his work in the music industry and includes posters for Blues and Rock-n-Roll events, along with many CD covers and illustrations depicting stars like Elvis, Madonna, B.B. King, Snoop Dog, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Ray Vaughan and more.