2017 Artists



Nosego – aka Yis Goodwin – melds fine art realism with pop art iconography. His work is inspired by what surrounds him and how elements of the environment are connected.

Comparing his work to a sloppy toy box where the toys overlap each other, he's taken the same approach to art itself, mixing both fine art and contemporary. "It's like playing with a G.I. Joe and then a ninja turtle," he says. "Who's to say you can't take these two aspects and put them together?" His work is layered with childhood dreams and adult introspection, and takes an ambidextrous approach to experimenting with different styles and putting them in one piece.

According to Complex Magazine, NoseGo is one of the Top 10 Street Artists to Watch and one of their Top 50 Artists to Follow on Instagram. He was featured in Ron Howard's "Made in America" documentary, and has collaborated with Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Converse.