2017 Artists

Lora Zombie

Voronezh, Russia

Self-described "Grunge Artist" Lora Zombie was born in a small town in Russia, in 1990. She was intent on becoming an artist at a very early age. The self-taught painter first gained recognition in the late 2000s as her work circulated online, reaching millions of people through blogs, new outlets, and social media. She works primarily with watercolors, which she characteristically allows to drip down the surface of her work. Many of her paintings feature cartoonish images from pop culture – like superheros and unicorns – which she contrasts with scathing social commentary.

She is now a top seller on the urban art scene and is gaining the attention of the art world at large. In recent years, Lora has taken the gallery scene by storm with exhibitions in Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and Russia – bringing in the interest of collectors and fans worldwide.

In 2014 Lora Zombie and Tom with Eyes On Walls collaborated to create an apparel design studio centered around Lora's work and personal style. They named the new idea HEROTIME and launched the concept as a Kickstarter project. With a few initial product designs they had a huge response from over 600 supporters, sending their first creations to more than 30 countries around the world.